Ava's Pet Palace Treats come in 3 AMAZING flavors that your dogs will drool over!


Ava's Bingos - Oat & Banana Medley

Ava's Cheeze Pleeze Bites

Ava's Peanutty Paw Cookies



Unlike most dog and cat treats that you find in stores, these treats are made in small batches, are 100% organic and are non-GMO. Though not necessary, refrigerating my yummy treats will keep them fresh longer.


*Credit - Ava's Pet Palace


Ava's Story:


Ava Dorsey, founder of Ava’s Pet Palace, is a 13-year-old kidpreneur. She started this company because she recognized the need for healthy pet treats made with quality and tasty ingredients. As a dog and a cat owner herself, Ava believes that every pet owner should have the option to buy organic and natural pet food that prioritizes the health and wellness of their four-legged friends.


Ava’s mission is to educate pet owners about pet treats and help them explore options that simultaneously promote animal health and taste-bud satisfaction.


She sees the value of growing her brand in an era where people are more health conscious. “People are concerned about what they feed their family members,” she said, “and this includes their pets.”


Ava was recently awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the WDB Marketing Legacy Awards. She takes this honor very seriously and was thrilled to have won.

Ava’s long-term “treat goals” include creating freeze-dried dog treats and adding to her variety of cat treats.

Ava's Pet Palace DogTreats